Dental Office Safety 101


Protecting our patients is always a top priority but often times as health professionals, we forget to consider the importance of our safety as well.  You may not think about safety intentionally each day, but it’s vital in your dental practice! Here are some quick safet...

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Health Conditions Detected by Dilation

Most patients don’t realize just how important regular eye exams are in determining overall health. Eye exams can definitely tell someone what’s going on in their retina, but they can also let patients know what’s going on beyond the retina. Dilation provides an Optometrist with...

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Dilation & Diabetes: Best Friends

Optometrists are a diabetic patient’s best friend and if they aren’t, they need to be. When someone has Diabetes they are at an increased risk for developing diseases that can irreversibly affect their life. From Cataracts, which not only leads to blurry vision, but are considered to ...

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The No-Frills Approach To Dilation

Dilation is something patients don't think about each day.  While you may live in the medical world where we talk about eye health on a regular basis, most patients only think about dilation one or two times a year. That means we need to have a no-frills approach toward education to our ...

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Creative ways to engage patients during the summer months

Summertime is a hectic time for many patients as kids enter summer break and travel season begins. It’s during this time that medical and dental practices must think out of the box to keep patients engaged and attending appointments. Below, you will find three creative ways to keep your pat...

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10 Ideas to Engage Your Staff in a Stellar Patient Experience

In addition to strong leadership, your staff is the backbone of your practice. In order to create a customer-centric practice and improve patient satisfaction, you must engage your staff and create buy-in. Below is a list of 10 ways to help promote a positive workplace, improve employee performan...

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5 Ways to Wow Your Dental Patients

While visiting the dentist on a regular basis is an important part of maintaining good health and hygiene, many patients choose to avoid the dentist due to fear or inconvenience. As a dental practice, it’s your job to provide an exceptional experience for patients so they don’t hesita...

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19 Marketing Ideas for Your Private Practice in 2019

It’s time to start thinking about how to start off strong in the new year. Here are 19 marketing ideas to help you jump-start your patient acquisition strategy for 2019.

  1. Focus on service: All the marketing in the world won’t help if you are not giving A...
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Maximize The Year End Rush!

How to Maximize the End of Year Rush and Fill Your Schedule

The holiday season is here with its hustle and bustle.  However, in the private practice world, we also know that flex spending account and end of year benefit season is here too!  Here are a few tips t...

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Work Smarter, Not Harder - With The Help of Data

How Data Can Be Used to Make a Smarter Practice


What if I told you that you have the power to predict trends, save lives, and lower costs associated with your healthcare practice? With the recent rapid digitization of patient care, record-keeping, and manda...

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Work Smarter, Not Harder - With The Help of Data

How Data Can Be Used to Make a Smarter Practice

What if I told you that you have the power to predict trends, save lives, and lower costs associated with your healthcare practice? With the recent rapid digitization of patient care, record-keeping, and mandatory regulation...

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Why Scripts Are Important for Your Email Communication With Patients

It’s easy to understand why scripts are necessary for the telephone interaction your team has with your patients. The tone of voice, sensitivity, and responsiveness are all easily transmitted by voice. What is not so apparent is why scripts are essential when your staff is using email. ...

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The Friendliest Dental Office For First Time Patients

How to Build a Dental Practice that Has a Welcoming Environment for First Time Patients

Let's face it: people don’t like going to the dentist. In fact, many people dread just walking in the door. Whether founded or not, fear of dental work can prevent people fro...

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5 Tips For Getting Patients To Come Back To Your Optometry Practice

If we tell you that it’s never been more competitive to operate an optometry practice, you will likely ask us to tell you something you don’t know. Yes, it’s tough out there. To get new patients, you have to spend money. In fact, experts say that it typically costs five times as...

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Tips to Improve Compliance With Your Eye-care Patients

As optometrists, we care first and foremost about the health of our patients’ eyes. For many, it’s why we got into the profession in the first place.


However, optometrists have to worry about so many other issues in today’s world - from management decision...

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Rollens Wrap-A-Round Lenses Will be Featured at the 2018 American Optometric Association Conference in Denver

Rollens wrap-a-round, post-dilation sunglasses will be among the featured products at this year’s American Optometric Association (AOA) Conference that runs June 20-23 at the Denver Convention Center.


The disposable eye protection vendor will be one of several hundred...

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Timely Appointments Keep Dental Patients Smiling

Want to kill your dental practice off one patient at a time?  We’ve got the fool-proof way to do that:  Run late throughout the day.  In today’s world, if you make a patient wait, the odds of seeing them back again are slim to none!


Your prompt ap...

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Does Your Practice’s Culture Attract Patients?

There are a lot of choices in the world today, so how will a patient choose your practice over any of the others in town? 


While this is a simple inquiry, it unlocks a thousand other questions that ultimately point to the need to create a culture in your practice that ...

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Facebook’s Latest Changes

One thing you can count on is that changes will occur to social media outlets. In fact, there have been some pretty significant changes to Facebook that every practice should be aware of. 


Since Facebook has shaken things up, you will be left behind if you’re doi...

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Dental Patient Safety 101

When a patient comes for their dental cleaning or procedure, they aren’t usually thinking about safety.  As the doctor, though, you should be. A dental office can be a very dangerous place if you’re not taking precautions. Here are a few things you may not be thinking about in te...

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Education Can go a Long Way to Ease Optometry Patients’ Minds

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again:  You have to educate your patients. You live and breathe optometry all day long, but your patients think about it a few times a year. This means that even if they have had dilation before, odds are, they’ll need a few pointers an...

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Scheduling for Success

A year is a long time, which means it’s not uncommon for patients to forget when they last came in for their eye exam. That’s why patient recall is so important! It’s important not only for the health of your patients’ eyes, but for your cash flow as well!  Here are a...

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The Power of Design: What Your Office Says About Your Practice


You walk into your office each day and may think that it’s just a medical practice.  However, your patients walk into your office and see hundreds of subtle messages about who you are.


A huge piece of that impression is created by the architecture ...

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Simple Steps to Improve the Dilation Experience in Your Office

Patients usually see an eye doctor once a year, which means they are NOT consciously thinking about their eye health the other 364 days of the year.  Their lives are busy and they don’t think about eye exams (like you do on a daily basis), so it’s important that doctors and staff...

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5 Ways to Effectively Train Staff in a Private Practice

Training your staff can be a lifelong struggle.  It involves managing multiple personality types, preferences and skill levels.  There’s also an ever-changing web of personal baggage that staff bring into the workplace.  That’s why it’s important to help train you...

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Easing Fears and Discomfort at the Dentist

It’s no secret that most people avoid the dentist at all costs.  We know that a dental appointment is rarely the highlight of someone’s week. 


However, we also know the importance that oral health provides to not only the mouth, but the entire body as ...

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5 Simple Ways to Improve Patient Satisfaction

We all want happy patients, but we tend to only think about their experience when they’re in our chair. As we mentioned in a previous blog about improv...

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The ONE Thing Most Practices Ignore … and the ONE Thing Most Practices Need

There’s something happening in business that most people know a little about, but they are reluctant to embrace.  It was like this with that whole “internet” thing 20 years ago.  You knew it was changing things in the way a practice operated, but for a long time, you d...

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Making a Smart Decision When Considering Practice-Management Software

Are you thinking about switching or adding practice-management software into your business? Since this software can be vital to the flow of your practice, it’s important to make smart decisions about the tool you are going to use.


Here are a few tips on how to begin y...

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Improving Eyesight, One Dilation at a Time

Dilation probably raises the most questions of any procedure performed during an eye exam. Most patients don't really understand what dilation does or why it’s so important. They also walk away from these procedures feeling annoyed and even in pain. That’s why it’s important...

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Protect Your Eyes During Upcoming Eclipse

The buzz has begun. People are planning how they can best view the solar eclipse that will make its way across the United States on Aug. 21, 2017.


It’s a rare occasion. And it requires preparation so that you don’t damage your eyes while viewing the moon as it c...

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The Last 5 Minutes at the Eye Doctor

We focus on a lot during eye exams - from appointment times, to pretesting, to refractions, to selling glasses or contacts. It’s a lot, but we often don’t think about those last 5 minutes a patient is in our office.


Since they are actually pretty important, here...

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Millennials on the Team: This Shift in the Workplace can Benefit Your Practice

Those millennials that we’ve been hearing about for years are finally now a substantial part of our workforce. As a result, you’re starting to see millennials apply for and fill positions in your practice.


This IS a substantial shift for many offices to experien...

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Added Value for Your Dental Patients

The dental industry is getting more and more competitive each day. It seems like new offices are opening around every corner and it can be scary to think about competing with these new offices and the growing needs of patients. 


However, there are some simple ways you ...

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Your Health is Important to Your Business

As doctors, health is something we think about all day long, so why is it that we often are failing at our own health. On top of that, our business relies on us to be healthy, so it matters even more! As a practice owner, your health needs to be a priority!


Why your...

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Improving Staff Motivation

You got into business because you love interviewing people right? Wrong. Most private practice owners admit that hiring is one of their least favorite tasks as a business owner.


However, your team is one of the most important parts to the success of your practice. Here are ...

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Top 10 Ways to Provide a Better Patient Experience

In private practice, we know that a good patient experience increases patient retention and word-of-mouth referrals.  However, achieving a good patient experience is always a process.  We’ve collected a list of great ideas to help make your practice memorable and nice to be at.


How Likable Are You?

A trip to the doctor is a very personal experience for most people. Whether they have fears, insecurities or just plain strange stuff going on, each situation is personal to the patient.


Therefore, the way in which your patients relate to you is really important. You may no...


Improve Retail Sales Within Your Optometry Practice

Optometry is a unique field of medicine because it’s very clinical, but it’s also very commercial.  It’s a delicate balance that doctors and practices must walk. 


Some practices tend to be more clinical in tone, while others focus more of their b...


Why Should I Care About Polarized Sunglasses?

What is Polarization and Why is it Important for Lenses?

Often people see polarized lenses as an option, but more and more studies are showing how much polarization protects the eyes. Not only that...


The Importance of Eye Protection at Your Dental Office


When people go to the dentist, they are thinking about their teeth - not their eyes. As the doctor, you should be thinking about your patients' eyes in addition to their teeth!  We recently came across a story that touches on this point exactly.




Planning for the Busy Holiday Season at Your Optometry Practice

The holidays are busy for everyone, but not many people think about how busy life is for an optometry practice during the holidays. The time is now to plan an effective strategy to get your patients in the door and be able to help as many of them as you can to maximize your profits. 


Top Halloween Costume Ideas That Use Rollens Sunglasses

Halloween is upon us - and glasses are always a fun and easy accessory to add to a costume, especially for specific characters.  With some costumes, the glasses make the look! 


Rollens wrap-a-round lenses offer a simple, cost-effective way to add glasses to your H...


Top Ways to Improve Your Facebook Page

Facebook still remains one of the top social media outlets for private practices as patients head there to scope out your practice and see what you’re all about. It’s no wonder that so many practice owners have finally realized that “yes” they need to be on social media.


Top Dental Apps for Dentists and Their Patients

With the millions of apps that are available today, it can sometimes feel overwhelming when you are trying to find the right app for what you need. We collected a handful of some practical and some fun apps that dentists and their patients can find useful. Take a look!



Rollens’ Top Mobile Apps of 2016 for Optometry

Mobile applications are making life easier and easier, and the same is true in the world of optometry. While there are still thousands of ideas that will be developed and designed in the future, there are a number of great apps available today that improve our lives a little bit at a time. <...


Create a Culture for Excellence in Your Practice: Top Ways to Improve the Patient Experience

You may think you’re in the business of health care, but the reality is that you are in the business of customer service, and that means making patients happy. 


Private practices can live and die by the level of patient care they provide. In fact, it can be the o...


Lives Saved by Dilation: a Brief Discussion on What can be Found by Dilating Eyes


Eye dilation is often the least favorite part of an eye exam. However, as an optometrist, you know that it is one of the most vital services you provide for your patients. It allows you to catch conditions early, protecting sight and even saving lives.


To hel...


Translating Dental Speak: Learning how to Talk to Patients in Language They Actually Understand!


When you are highly specialized and live in a technical world, you can start to use lingo that your patients don’t understand. As a dentist, this is detrimental to your close rate on dental procedures that bring in revenue and promote healthy mouths for your patients. 


Help! I’m Scared to go to the Eye Doctor.

Patient anxiety is a very real thing for patients going to the eye doctor. Some patients show it. Others hide it. And still others just ignore going to the optometrist because they don’t want to deal with the anxiety.


You deal with eyeballs all day long, so it can be ...


Your Reputation is Gold: Improving Your Practice’s Reputation Online

In today’s digital culture, doctors have a new kind of word-of-mouth referral:  the ones that can be found online.


According to Adam Roseland of Roja Interactive, websites are the number one patient acquisition channel for private practices. Social media, search ...


What Your Eye Patients Really Want You To Know

As doctors, optometrists need to address a number of concerns by patients, as well as provide comprehensive care for the health of the eyes and the long-term success of their vision.  However, after paying a little attention, we found a few other things that are important for optometrists to...


Overcoming Patients’ Dental Anxiety

Anxiety is a very real thing to many people. In fact, WebMD reports that 5% to 8% of Americans avoid the dentist altogether because of fear!  However, there are many more people who face their fear enough to come into a dental office, yet are petrified of the experience. 



Product Spotlight: VisionFit

VisionFit is an innovative wearable system of lenses that is tunable, solid state, mobile and electronic.  This device can provide subjective sight examinations ...


Social Media is Worth the Careful Effort

Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Pinterest all have a few things in common. For a doctor, one of those common threads is that these are potential HIPAA violations that can happen easily and unknowingly.


Doctors need to be extremely careful with how they approach social med...


Why Polarized Glasses are Helpful in Winter

We’ve all experienced glare in one form or another, but often we don’t think about what we can do to protect our eyes from glare.


People often see the polarization option as simply something that increases the price of lenses. How...


Hey, Dentists…What Your Patients Want You To Know

It’s easy to get wrapped up in our own specialties and forget that others don’t always speak our lingo. That can easily be the case in doctors’ offices. Sometimes your patients just don’t know how to tell you. Instead, you get poor online reviews, complaints and perha...


Using Dental and Vision Insurance Benefits Before They are Gone

We all think of the holiday season as a hectic season with holiday parties, shopping and everyday life that never stops.  However, many patients and practice owners don’t think about how crazy a medical office can become in December.

Let’s take a look at why this happens ...


Employees Work as a Team to Distribute Rollens’ Protective Eyewear

Three full-time employees work at the Rollens Company’s production and shipping facility in Centennial, Colo.  This “team Rollens” works together to distribute glasses to protect the eyes of dental and eye-care patients around the world.



Specially-Designed Equipment Creates Rollens’ Protective Glasses

A walk into the Rollens Company’s Colorado production facility will reveal some dedicated employees working on specially-designed equipment to create about 35,000 individual wrap-a-round glasses a day.

The “machines” were developed by a mechanical engineer, specifically ...


American-made Rollens Protective Eyewear is Sold Overseas

While the Rollens Company is proud of the work it does to protect the eyes of eye-care and dental patients in the United States, our reach goes beyond the country’s borders.

When shipped overseas, the Rollens lenses are used in a variety of ways, including as dental eye protection b...


Rollens Protective Eyewear is Made in America

At the Rollens Company, we are proud of the fact that our eye protection products are made in America.

And it’s been that way since 1990 – when Don Willson started the company in Parker, Colorado.

“We had looked at getting it made overseas, but the quality of the...


Vicki Provides Dental Practices With the Eye Protection They Love

Vicki Tennyson enjoys selling a protective eye product that dental professionals love – and need.

As the dental sales representative for the Rollens Company, Vicki works with a loyal group of dental offices that provide Rollens’ protectiv...


Carnival Game Mimics Eye Growth

Cells Replace Coins in “Penny Pusher” Model

Rockville, MD — The motion of coins in a “Penny Pusher” carnival game is similar to the movement of cells in the eye’s lens, as described in a new study published in Investigative Oph...


From Dental Patients’ Perspective...

Let me tell you a couple of stories I’ve recently heard from associates who go to dentists who fail to provide eye protection for their patients.

One woman, who I’ll call Susan, has had some major work done. Since she knows about my business, she couldn’t wait to tell me...


Are Your Eyes Bothered by the Sun or Wind? Sheila can Help.

Are Your Eyes Bothered by the Sun or Wind? Sheila can Help.


Not all customer service jobs are enjoyable. But when you work for the Rollens Company, you don’t hear many complaints.


Sheila Longwell knows that very well.



Don’t Throw Those Rollens Away!

While dental and eye-care professionals appreciate how well Rollens protective lenses protect the eyes of their patients, they aren’t the only folks who buy the wrap-a-round glasses.

After being introduced to them by their doctors, individuals often contact us to buy their own Rolle...


A Reminder to Dental Hygienists About Contaminated Aerosols

As we enter the winter months and flu season, dental hygienists should be reminded of ways to protect themselves from infections they may be exposed to while working in the highly-contaminated environment called the human mouth.


Most dental procedures create contaminated ae...


Dilation is a Small Price to Pay for Healthy Eyes

If you’re an eye-care professional, you often find yourself dealing with patients who moan and groan when you suggest that it’s time to dilate their eyes. They dislike how dilation makes their eyes sensitive to light and their vision blurry for a few hours.


As a...


Rescue Trainees Love Rollens Protective Eyewear

You already know Rollens wrap-a-round lenses provide great protection for patients’ eyes during and after any dental or eye-care exam. What you may not know is that the American-made protective sunglasses are also sought out by folks who risk their lives to save others.



Tinted Lenses and Their Purposes

The Color of Your Lenses are More Than a Fashion Statement


As the providers of the best selling wrap-a-round protective lenses in the medical market, The Rollens Company cares about the health of your eyes and the eyes of your patients.



Use Rollens Lenses to Help You Add Value

As eye-care and dental professionals, you also are business owners who probably don’t have a lot of time to think about marketing or positioning your business. You’re probably already working overtime taking care of the basics – your patients.


But if you h...


Volunteers and Donations Allow Clinic to Help Those in Need

Folks with big hearts help the Lions Eye Clinic in Charlotte, North Carolina, provide eye care to those who can't afford it.


Not only do six eye doctors volunteer their time, but donations also flow in from throughout the area and the country, according to ...


Rollens Gives Kids Eyewear They Love to Wear

Rollens protective eyeglasses aren't just for adults. Kids love them too.


At Dr. Jed Best's pediatric dental office in New York, the kids feel like movie stars the minute they put on the Platinum Gray Plus lenses.



Eye Care Discovery to Help Millions Suffering From Glaucoma

The Rollens Company is dedicated to eye care and protection. That's why we started our business in Parker, Colorado, in 1989.


Toward that goal, we will be sharing articles on this website to educate you about advancements that are being made in the e...


Comfortable and Easy-to-Use, Rollens Lenses are a Hit with Brookside Optometric Patients

Brookside Optometric Group has found the perfect answer for protecting the dilated eyes of their patients - Rollens Platinum Gray.


Because the lenses are comfortable and provide complete, wrap-a-round protection, the optometrists at Brookside have confidence that their ...


Which Rollens Protective Eyeglasses are Right for You?

Since The Rollens Company offers its eye protection lenses in a two styles and a variety of colors, you might wonder which one is right for you.


Let's start with the regular Rollens wrap-a-round glasses. They have a lightweight, contoured shape that hugs your head and c...


The Rollens Company's New Website

Welcome to Rollens' new website, where you'll find it much easier to order your supply of Rollens protective eyewear.


Whether you are a dental or eye-care professional seeking to protect your patients' eyes or an individual wanting the lightweight flexibilit...