With Rollens, you can always have a spare pair of sunglasses in your car, purse, backpack, desk, briefcase, boat, gym bag and locker. They're so affordable, it's a no-brainer. You can get a bag of 50 Rollens for less than what a single pair of sunglasses might cost. That way, you can always grab a pair to take with you while you are on the run.


When you're outside in the sun and wind, you want to give your eyes 100% ultraviolet light protection. Rollens' Platinum Gray and Gold Amber sunglasses give you that coverage with only 6% to 8% visible light transmission. They are also so light and unobtrusive that you barely know you have them on.


Because they are unbreakable and lightweight, Rollens are ideal for outdoor sports. The 180-degree, wrap-a-round design offers protection from wind and dust. Just slip a pair in your locker or gym bag. The Platinum Gray and Gold Amber lenses give you 100% UV protection, while the Diamond Clear eye protectors will keep your eyes protected while you bike across the landscape.


When vacationing, take along as many Rollens lenses as you like and still have plenty of room for souvenirs. You don't need to worry if you leave a pair behind in the hotel room. Your Rollens lenses can be replaced for less than the cost of a can of soda.


When working on your favorite crafts project, remodeling or painting your home, or even mowing your lawn, you'll want to slip on pair of the Diamond Clear lenses to protect your eyes. Rollens eye protectors will keep the foreign objects out - while you focus on the task at hand instead of whether a paint splatter or other liquid might head your way.


You may be interested in protecting their sight, but kids just want to look cool. Because Rollens have a universal fit, kids of all ages can wear them. Rollens has even added a new line that gives children the opportunity to add their own creative touch - Doodle Eyes. Available only on, these new wrap-a-round lenses come in kits with nine clear lenses, three metallic markers, stickers and double-sided adhesive tape so that your creative young ones can go to town designing a look all their own. The kits are great for all sorts of events, including birthday, pool and beach parties; sleepovers; troop projects and more. To order your Doodle Eyes, click here.


Because of their lightweight grip-flex design, it seems Rollens are the choice of Mount Everest porters in Nepal. Rollens contributes sunglasses to the HEC Porter Assistance Project, which operates a clothing lending program for porters in Nepal and Africa