In addition to strong leadership, your staff is the backbone of your practice. In order to create a customer-centric practice and improve patient satisfaction, you must engage your staff and create buy-in. Below is a list of 10 ways to help promote a positive workplace, improve employee performance and keep happy patients!

Define Your Purpose

To get the most out of your staff, you need to clearly define the purpose and goals of your practice so everyone is aligned and on the same page, and customers are treated accordingly.

Train Your Staff

Train all staff on consistent practices so patients feel comfortable each time they visit, whether or not they see the same medical professional as they did during their last visit.

Communicate Expectations

Every staff member should clearly understand how to do their job and how to treat customers so there is no confusion, and no ability to make excuses.

Encourage Customer Feedback

By encouraging customer feedback, employees will be more motivated to serve patients since their performance will be directly reflected in surveys, online reviews, comment cards, etc.

Discuss Feedback 

Take the time to discuss customer feedback regularly at staff meetings and to inform staff about areas of improvement.

Recognize High Performers

Incentivize staff by offering rewards or bonuses to top performing staff members. Everyone loves a friendly competition!

Encourage Employee Feedback 

Give employees the chance to share their ideas and suggestions on how to improve the practice. This will help increase employee buy-in and create a culture of respect.

Create a Positive Culture

When the culture of the workplace is a positive one, employees are more likely to perform better, which directly impacts how patients are treated.

Conduct Annual Reviews

Establish a formal review process for all staff so employee performance and expectations are revisited regularly and in a formal setting. Each employee should be able to gauge how they’re doing and management should have a place to address concerns.

Lead by Example

As the leader of a practice, live out the standards you set for your staff.

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