It’s time to start thinking about how to start off strong in the new year. Here are 19 marketing ideas to help you jump-start your patient acquisition strategy for 2019.

  1. Focus on service: All the marketing in the world won’t help if you are not giving A+ service to your customers. Your patients are your top marketing tool.
  2. Make a plan: If you are like most professionals, you tend to do marketing on the fly. This year, try something new — create a roadmap. You’ll find it much easier to stay on track if you know where you’re going.
  3. Get the most out of social media: We all love to hate social media. For those in private practice, it can be invaluable. There are many ways you can capitalize on this tool — from giveaways to advertising to contests.
  4. Up your website game: If your website hasn’t been updated recently, then it is likely to need a facelift. It is critical that your site is optimized for SEO; you would be smart to consult with an expert.
  5. Develop an email campaign strategy: Email is a great way to keep in touch with your patients and reach new ones.
  6. Audit your profiles: If you haven’t claimed your online profiles on sites like Yelp, Google Business, and Healthgrades do so now! Make sure that all your profiles put your best face forward.
  7. Monitor your online reputation: Your reputation is everything. Know what people are saying about you and respond to comments and complaints promptly.
  8. Re-engage with past patients: Reach out to patients you haven’t seen in a while. 
  9. Start a newsletter: Keep in touch with patients by creating a newsletter that offers healthy advice and helps people get to know you. 
  10. Help your staff help you: Your team is the front line for marketing. If they need training get it for them.
  11. Try direct mail: This old-school marketing technique has been around forever because it works.
  12. Be active in the community: There is an unlimited number of ways you can be active in the community – from supporting the local PTO to joining the Chamber of Commerce.
  13. Get found on Google: Take full advantage of Google Local and Google My Business.
  14. Join a patient referral network: Join a network or group that will help you find other practitioners who can refer patients.
  15. Use video content: Create video content to help patients get to know you, answer common questions, or provide testimonials.
  16. Get online reviews: Encourage your patients to offer reviews on popular healthcare sites, social media, and online directories.
  17. Get feedback from your patients: Find out how your patients think you are doing and take action on what they tell you.
  18. Get patient referrals: People love to help their friends and family find good health care; referral cards or some other reminder can help.
  19. Hire a marketing director: You may know how to do this job but you are not a professional marketer. Get someone who is: either hire in-house or contract out for this service.

With a carefully crafted plan that is well executed, you can make sure that you are reaching a wide audience, getting your message out, and adding to your patient portfolio. Now is the perfect time to get started.

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