While visiting the dentist on a regular basis is an important part of maintaining good health and hygiene, many patients choose to avoid the dentist due to fear or inconvenience. As a dental practice, it’s your job to provide an exceptional experience for patients so they don’t hesitate to return.

  1. Familiarize Yourself with Patients Before they Visit

Knowing your appointments for the day, such as patient names and charts, can help your practice serve patients in a timely fashion, and eliminate the need for a patient to regurgitate information that was already provided when scheduling the appointment. 

  1. Offer Patients a Warm Welcome Upon Arrival

Simple gestures can go a long way in comforting and relaxing a patient. Greeting a patient by name, offering the patient a magazine or a bottle of water, or simply asking how the patient has been since the last visit can make him/her feel important and appreciated.

  1. Make a Patient’s Safety the Top Priority

With the advances in technology and medical/dental supplies, you can provide patients with a comfortable experience by using new products that put the safety of a patient first. RollensPlus is a new wrap-a-round protective lens with adhesive strips that protect patients’ eyes from splatters and sprays during dental procedures. Using products like RollensPlus will score points with patients!

  1. Take the Time to Answer Questions

Patients want to feel important, especially when it comes to their health. Take the time during each visit, or after each procedure, to sit down with the patient and address any questions or concerns they may have. Spend the extra time to establish a relationship with each of your patients so they feel comfortable with you and want to keep coming back.

  1. Follow Up After Appointments

Don’t forget about a patient after his/her visit. Whether it’s a cleaning or a surgery, call the patient or send a personalized follow up to check how they’re doing and to ensure they haven’t had any issues.  

These tips will help put your patients at ease and encourage them to come back for their next visit!

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