The Rollens Company is the leader in protecting the eyes of dental and eye-care patients around the world.

Based in Parker, Colorado, the company first got its start in 1989, when owner Don Willson realized that wrap-a-round lenses would offer dental and eye-care providers the perfect solution for protecting their patients’ eyes during exams and procedures.

At the time, there weren’t a lot of options available to these health professionals. Nothing new had been proposed since 1948 – when the post-mydriatic paper temples were patented.

Willson set out to share his product with others, sending eye doctors and dentists samples of the disposable lens. They were a hit – with their unique grip-flex design and the contoured shape that holds the lenses close to the face.

The doctors and dentists couldn’t wait to get their hands on these disposable, lightweight, protective eye covers. Due to the volume of requests, distributors serving these two markets began to call the company, asking to sell the wrap-a-round lenses to their clientele.

It pleased Willson to know that he is helping to protect the eyes of many. In addition to selling the eye shields to dental and eye-care professionals, he also seeks out other uses for them and donates them to a variety of charitable causes.

For example, the Mission of Healing Eyes, a non-profit organization dedicated to restoring sight in parts of Mexico, is a regular recipient of the lenses. Its founder, Dr. Jim Conahan, recently reported that the lenses “made a huge difference in the comfort and safety” of the 300 patients he treated in Ixtapa, Mexico.

The lenses have even made their way to Nepal and Africa in the form of a donation to the Himalayan Explorers Connection (HEC) Porter Assistance Project, which operates a clothing-lending program for porters in those countries.

In 2022 Willson retired and the company was taken over by one of the employees, Dan Salmore, making Rollens a Veteran Owned company.

From those early days when the company first mailed out samples, Rollens has grown to about 20 distributors and more than 3,100 direct customers. The company has nine employees, including two customer services representatives and personnel who assemble the eyewear at the company’s Colorado plant, using American-made plastic and paper – meaning the protective eyeglasses are American made.

If you’d like more information about these versatile lenses that protect the health of your eyes – regardless of your activity – please explore the additional information on this website, contact The Rollens Company via the Contact Us form on this website or call 800.898.7474.

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