While the Rollens Company is proud of the work it does to protect the eyes of eye-care and dental patients in the United States, our reach goes beyond the country’s borders.

When shipped overseas, the Rollens lenses are used in a variety of ways, including as dental eye protection but also as promotional gifts bearing a company’s logo.

Germany’s Medical Instincts has been a Rollens customer since 2012. A developer of high-level dental implant systems, the company offers the glasses to its dental clients.

The company’s website states the advantages of the “one-way safety glasses,” which “securely protect the patients’ eyes during dental treatments against glaring operating lights, splash water, airflow, sprays and simultaneously offer 100% UV protection – e.g. against dental UV lamps.

“Due to the contoured shape of the film, the glasses optimally adjust to fit all head shapes and are hardly noticeable. This is the perfect and relaxed view for your patients, who will adore this smart disposable and promotional item. Optionally, for longer implant procedures these disposable protection glasses are also available with lateral adhesive pads.”

But Medical Instincts isn’t Rollens’ only European customer. We also are about to enter into an agreement with a company that wants to sell the Rollens protective eyewear as an inexpensive, disposable, 100% UV protective, advertising object, with the company logo printed on the outer sleeve.

The lenses also are used for training students at schools like Hong Kong Polytechnic University, where they are used in the optometry clinic.

Miscellaneous other dental or eye-care offices in Japan, South Korea, Mexico, Canada, Brazil, Israel, France, England and Iceland also use the lenses.

So how did these folks hear about these remarkable lenses?

Either they’ve searched the Internet or been introduced to them while in the United States.

“It’s a little bit of a niche. When you’re on the Internet, people find you,” said Don Willson, owner of the Rollens Company. “But they also find us while they are on vacation here or when friends bring the lenses to them after visiting the U.S.”

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