Are Your Eyes Bothered by the Sun or Wind? Sheila can Help.

Not all customer service jobs are enjoyable. But when you work for the Rollens Company, you don’t hear many complaints.

Sheila Longwell knows that very well.

She’s been a customer service representative for Rollens Eye Care Division since 1999. During that time, she’s dealt with a lot of doctors’ offices and individuals seeking eye protection from the sun, wind and light.

As Rollens’ eye-care rep for the entire United States, Sheila takes orders, deals with delivery issues and contacts her customers periodically to see if their supply of Rollens protective eyewear is getting low. She’ll either call, email or fax them – depending on their preference.

“Some of them have been with their doctors as long as I’ve been here, so I’ve gotten to know them pretty well,” Sheila said. “They’re all just wonderful.”

The feeling appears to be mutual. Julie Ohta of Brookside Optometric in Stockton, Calif., said “I love Sheila. I hear from her when needed.

“The company is so easy to work with. The communication is perfect,” Julie said. “If we run out, she’ll also get 100 eyeglasses to us quickly.”

Sheila also gives a helping hand when it comes to individuals who call for help. They may need the glasses for any number of reasons, including protection from the sunlight, computer glare, wind and even for dry eye conditions.

“I have bicyclists that call me who wear the dark ones for exercising outside,” she said. “People love them.”

She said she has “a fair number of elderly people who call,” remembering in particular a 91-year-old woman who used the same pair for four years and called because that pair was getting scratched.

She obviously didn’t want to order a box of 50 lenses, so Sheila immediately put three pair in the mail and told the woman “if you ever need any more, just call me.”

That’s the type of service that Sheila finds rewarding. She also appreciates the fact that the Rollens Company donates its protective lenses to all sorts of good causes.

“That’s a great thing. They go to the Third World countries and people love them.”

If you or an eye-care professional you know needs protective eyewear, give Sheila a call at 1-800-898-7474, Ext. 1.

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