Brookside Optometric Group has found the perfect answer for protecting the dilated eyes of their patients – Rollens Platinum Gray.

Because the lenses are comfortable and provide complete, wrap-a-round protection, the optometrists at Brookside have confidence that their post-mydriatic patients will wear them after leaving their office in Stockton, Calif.

In fact, they’ve been a success ever since the eye doctors first started providing them to patients back in 1996. Before that, the patients were given cardboard dark glasses or the dark lenses that are placed behind regular glasses.

Patients didn’t like using those options because “they felt silly wearing them” and they were uncomfortable, according to Brookside’s Julie Ohta.

“We like Rollens glasses for our patients because they are more comfortable and they’re easier for patients to use, they’re more adaptable,” Julie explained.

Brookside’s 13 optometrists like Rollens glasses because of the great coverage they provide. The wrap-a-round feature provides “good side protection, so it’s more of a full wrap coverage,” Julie said.

Instead of complaints about a lack of comfort, the Rollens lenses are now being kept by some of the patients for future use.

“People have mentioned they actually keep them,” Julie said. “Some patients have said they’ll keep them in the glove box in their car,” so they have sunglasses if they leave their regular ones at home.

Young visitors to the office like them too, she said, noting that youngsters around 5 years old usually want a pair of Rollens eyewear so they can play with them and be like their Mom, Dad or sibling who is wearing them out of the office.

Another benefit of Rollens lenses is the ease of dealing with the Rollens Company itself.

The reason we’ve been with Rollens so long is because “the company is so easy to work with. The communication is perfect,” Julie said. “Plus, we like the product.”

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