Summertime is a hectic time for many patients as kids enter summer break and travel season begins. It’s during this time that medical and dental practices must think out of the box to keep patients engaged and attending appointments. Below, you will find three creative ways to keep your patients interested in your business during one of the busiest times of the year!  

Sponsor a local team, summer camp or event – During summer months, there are a plethora of community events and activities available for adults and kids ranging from sports leagues, camps, BBQs, concerts and more. By sponsoring a beloved local team or event, you can spread awareness and increase brand recognition for your practice throughout the community. This will remind existing patients, and future patients, that you are invested in the community and care about giving back.

Create a summer campaign – Since many families travel over summer and skip out on regular check-ups and cleanings, create an initiative that uses summer travel to your benefit. Send out direct mailers or postcards that promote a summer travel campaign. Offer a discount or a prize to each patient that takes a photo of him/herself and your mailer while traveling, and tags your social media page. This will not only provide word of mouth and social media marketing for your business, but it will also entice patients to come visit you when they receive their discount or prize for participating.

Host a drive – Many charity drives are hosted around the holiday season, but the less fortunate need help year-round. Host a school supplies drive that benefits an inner-city school and encourage patients and community members to visit your office and donate supplies to this important cause. This will help increase foot traffic to your location and will allow your staff to engage in friendly conversations and remind patients to schedule their next check-up or cleaning.

Since patients are typically less focused on doctor and dental visits during the summer months, get creative and find a way to keep them coming back! Have a little bit of fun with it and show some personality. Give your patients Rollens sunshades to not only protect their eyes, but also have some fun! This will keep patients interested and excited about your practice!

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