Why You Need Top Talent and How to Find and Keep Them

Hiring and retaining top quality talent should be one of your main goals as a practice. This is because having high quality talent working for you brings many benefits. 

But what are those benefits and how do you find and retain the best employees? Let’s take a look.

Why You Need High Quality Talent

There are two main reasons why hiring and retaining top quality talent is good for business. The first is that you have a better office environment for all of your employees. High quality talent not only gets their work done, but they are more likely to get along with everyone in the office and be part of a real team.

The second reason is that high quality talent provides a better patient experience. This is because they do their job well and they also pay attention to patients, providing them with exceptional customer service, which can transform patients into loyal patients!

How to Recruit High Quality Talent

Here are some tips to find and hire top quality staff for your practice:

  • Ask your best employees to make a referral when a position opens up. Some of your strongest candidates will likely be someone your current employees already know!
  • Leverage social media. LinkedIn can be a great way to get the word out that you are looking to hire.
  • Use an Applicant Tracking System (ATS). This can help you organize the entire hiring process, ensuring great candidates don’t slip through the cracks. Plus, you can reach out to past candidates if needed.
  • Utilize your professional network. Reach out to your local associations, clubs and more to find top quality talent or referrals from people in the industry that you trust.

How to Retain High Quality Talent

Once you’ve hired top quality talent, you’ll need to retain them. Here are some tips on doing just that:

  • Offer a competitive salary. Money isn’t everything, but it can be a factor in whether someone sticks around.
  • Offer great benefits, including paid time off, a 401k, health and dental benefits, and more.
  • Offer flexible scheduling. People are searching for a healthy work-life balance and being able to have a flexible schedule is part of that, especially for parents of young children!
  • Offer opportunities for personal growth, such as giving your employees the opportunity to attend leadership or industry conferences to learn and network.
  • Acknowledge a job well done by showing appreciation for your employees. This can be a handwritten thank you note, a bonus, or an announcement and word of thanks at a team meeting. 
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