It can be difficult to keep patients loyal when competitors turn to price cutting or sales for services and eye care products. However, it is important to remember it isn’t just about price. Patients consider the complete experience from scheduling to examination to recommendations for products, prescriptions and more. 


In order to turn patients loyal and keep them loyal, you’ll need to ensure that you meet their expectations from start to finish and build their trust, or they will go elsewhere. Here are some tips to help you retain your eyecare patients:

  • Have a professional looking website that works well, is user friendly and offers the option to schedule appointments online. For many patients, it is their first impression of you. Also, many patients expect convenience and one way to offer that is the ability to schedule their next appointment online.
  • Stay modern. Keep your practice modern and up-to-date. Besides a professional website, having modern technology in your office lets your patients know that you are always up on the latest in technology and eye care. 
  • Educate the patient. Whether your patient is in for a general checkup or something more serious, it is always key to educate and inform your patients so they can be part of the process and decision making. This goes a long way in building their trust.
  • Honesty is the best policy. Always be honest about a patient’s options, informing them of all their options so that they can make the best choice for themselves. This too will go a long way in building trust. 
  • Have a positive office culture. Be sure that your entire practice’s staff are professional and courteous to all your patients. Nothing ruins an experience or trust than someone being rude to a patient. Ensure that your entire staff is on the same page when it comes to office culture. 
  • Keep in touch. Make sure to stay in touch with your patients by phone, email or text to alert them of when they are due for an appointment and need to schedule one. Also, don’t forget to send a reminder of an upcoming scheduled appointment!
  • Use social media. Most patients use social media so this can be a great way to promote your practice throughout the year and build brand awareness. Presenting an authentic view of your business can help create patient loyalty.
  • Send a monthly newsletter. Be sure to include information that may be of value or interest to your patients. Personalize or target clients by need to be of most value.

Reward loyalty. If possible, consider rewarding loyal customers with a 10% off or a small holiday gift in the mail. This lets them know you value their loyalty.

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