Are you thinking about switching or adding practice-management software into your business? Since this software can be vital to the flow of your practice, it’s important to make smart decisions about the tool you are going to use.

Here are a few tips on how to begin your selection process:

Research. If you’re reading this, you probably already understand the importance of researching your options.  If this validates your efforts, or you are just starting the process, know that taking the time to research these options is worth every moment you spend. Odds are, you won’t be switching software every few years. Instead, you’ll make a decision and stick with it for a while. It’s a lot of work to switch systems and convert to new tools. Getting your staff (and yourself!) on board with a new system can be a lot of work. That’s why it’s so important that you feel confident you’ve selected the system that is right for your practice.

Compare features.  Not all software is created equal. Some are better for clinical procedures and sync with other systems well. Others are great for collecting data and coordinating your marketing efforts, but operate differently with clinical and back office tasks. Think through the entire lifecycle of a patient exam – from scheduling to insurance payments – when considering software.

Talk to specialists.  This is one thing that most doctors don’t do, and it’s one that they should! Talk to your financial experts, your practice consultant, your data and business intelligence expert, and your marketing team. Get feedback from them on what they’ve seen with their other clients and any limitations they’ve seen within certain systems. This third party perspective is gold!

Read the fine print.  Look through the disclosures and fine print of what you would be agreeing to. For example, can you sync and export your data easily? How easy is it to sync with third party applications for clinical technologies and marketing tools? You want something that is agile and can adapt as technologies change. One thing we can count on is that things WILL change! You need to be able to pivot as a practice to embrace these changes in technology. 

It can be overwhelming to think about choosing a practice-management software, but it is an important decision. Ask questions, do research and then question things some more. It IS possible to make a decision with confidence and get your practice moving in a growing direction!

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