Those millennials that we’ve been hearing about for years are finally now a substantial part of our workforce. As a result, you’re starting to see millennials apply for and fill positions in your practice.

This IS a substantial shift for many offices to experience, so it’s best if you’re prepared to evolve and work with millennials. First, let’s define millennials. They are individuals who grew up in the electronic-age and reached adulthood around the turn of the 21st century. 

Millennials are quick learners.  This generation has grown up to be quite limber at learning on the fly. New technologies don’t scare them, and they can typically figure things out fairly quickly.

Don’t be discouraged if an applicant or new hire doesn’t know your specific practice software.  Odds are, they’ll learn it within a few days and can probably teach themselves most of it on their own. This is a huge shift from Baby Boomers who have typically been slow to learn new technologies and need designated training on new software. 

Millennials are confident.  Millennials are known for their confidence, which can turn some people off within a team setting. It may come across as arrogance or lack of team focus. 

However, if you understand that they are confident in general, you can know if how they act is really arrogance or if it’s simply their way of surviving in the world. You can actually harness that confidence and let them spearhead certain projects or tasks other staff members may have shied away from.

Millennials want input.  They really do want feedback on their performance. They don’t want to guess as to what they’re doing well or doing wrong. They appreciate transparency from a team and from a boss. If you slack on doing regular reviews, you will find that millennials will eventually look for other working situations where they do get the support they want.

Millennials move around.  We just mentioned that they aren’t afraid to look for work situations where they will get support. It’s true. This generation is not afraid to move jobs if the current practice isn’t a fit. When you’re hiring, hire with the expectation that they will stay a shorter time. If all goes well, they may surprise you and stay long term!

Millennials want to make a difference.  They want to change the world. That means they will often have ideas of how to make your practice better. Their younger, fresh perspective is an invaluable resource to a practice owner. Don’t be afraid to let them share and implement new ideas!

Building a strong, cohesive team is vital to your success as a practice. As times change, this includes millennials, who are easily now the largest generation in the workforce.

If you haven’t embraced this dynamic generation of movers and shakers, your practice will struggle. Those who have embraced the energy that millennials bring have seen how vibrant their practice truly can be!

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