You already know Rollens wrap-a-round lenses provide great protection for patients’ eyes during and after any dental or eye-care exam. What you may not know is that the American-made protective sunglasses are also sought out by folks who risk their lives to save others.

Tiffany Royal, a trainee with the Olympic Mountain Rescue, requested the lenses for her mountain rescue class after several individuals had mentioned the “the lightweight emergency sunglasses.” One person kept them in his first aid kit, while the other used them on a six-month hiking trip, she said.

After receiving a box of Rollens Platinum Gray lenses, Tiffany was ecstatic.

In a note to Rollens Owner Don Willson, she said: “I’ll be passing them out to our unit tonight at our monthly meeting and we’ll get a picture of them in use during snow training this weekend!”

Tiffany said the lenses were used during training with the Olympic Mountain Rescue, adding : “My unit has happily stashed your Rollens in our rescue packs for when we’re in the field, both in training and on rescues!”

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