Rollens protective eyeglasses aren’t just for adults. Kids love them too.

At Dr. Jed Best’s pediatric dental office in New York, the kids feel like movie stars the minute they put on the Platinum Gray Plus lenses.

The staff can be credited for creating that image. They tell the young patients that the glasses will make them look like a movie star and the “kids pick up on it,” according to Senior Hygienist Lilliana Mancero. In fact, that’s one of the first questions they ask when they come in for an appointment.

“Now it’s kind of like a trademark,” she said. “They say, ‘where are my sunglasses’.” Each child gets a pair of sunglasses “to make them feel comfortable,” she said. “They walk out of here happy. They want to keep them. They put them on their wrists. They have fun with them.” At a practice where “happy kids are our specialty,” that’s a good thing.With 40 percent of his business devoted to pediatric dentistry, Dr. Patrick Daley in South Carolina said his younger patients also look forward to getting their protective eyewear.

“The kids love them because they take them home afterwards.”

But youngsters aren’t the only ones at Daley Family Dentistry who like the protective eyewear produced by The Rollens Company.

The older patients like the Rollens lenses because they can wear them under their prescription glasses.

Dr. Daley said he offers Rollens eyewear to everyone, regardless of the procedure. Like Dr. Best’s young clients, Dr. Daley’s patients also ask for the protective eyeglasses when they come in.

“People come in and say, ‘this is a nice little feature,’ and it’s those subtle things that make a difference in a practice.”

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