At the Rollens Company, we are proud of the fact that our eye protection products are made in America.

And it’s been that way since 1990 – when Don Willson started the company in Parker, Colorado.

“We had looked at getting it made overseas, but the quality of the product was very poor,” Willson remembers. “We wanted to maintain a high quality. That could only be achieved by staying here in the United States, where we have more control over the process.”

That includes taking the materials, such as the plastics for the Gray, Gold Amber and Clear lenses, and bringing them from the East Coast to Colorado for assembly.

A Colorado-based fabricator then takes the plastic that comes in large rolls and dye cuts it for the final assembly. The plastic is heat-treated so that the curl is set in the plastic to make the wrap-a-round lenses actually wrap around.

Finally, the assembly also includes placing the lenses into the Colorado-made paper sleeves that protect them.

But being American made isn’t the only advantage of buying Rollens protective lenses, the largest selling wrap-a-round protective lens in the medical market.

Rollens lenses are lightweight, easy to use and attractive, making them ideal for post-mydriactic eye protection and dental procedures.  Their one-size-fits-all style automatically adjusts to the contours of each individual’s face. Plus, they provide 100% UV protection with only 6% to 8% visible light transmission.

So when you’re looking for a quality eye-protection product that’s been made in America, you can’t go wrong with Rollens lenses for dental patients, dental hygienists and eye-care patients.

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