A year is a long time, which means it’s not uncommon for patients to forget when they last came in for their eye exam. That’s why patient recall is so important! It’s important not only for the health of your patients’ eyes, but for your cash flow as well!  Here are a few simple tips for improving patient recall in 2018:

1. Schedule it ahead.  The best time to get a patient scheduled is when they are in your office. Train your staff to make this a natural part of the check-out procedure. Make sure your patients know that they can always change the appointment as it gets closer, but that it makes life easy on everyone to schedule now. 

2. Automate reminders.  Folks, it’s 2018! There’s no need for your front desk staff to be manually calling people to remind them about their upcoming appointments. Invest in a software program that sends text, email or even automated phone calls to your patients. This saves time for your staff and ultimately makes your team more efficient. Busy patients appreciate the simple confirmation system as well!

3. Stay Top of Mind.  Whether you are using social media, email marketing, print marketing or other strategies, staying in front of your patients on a regular basis will improve loyalty and remind people to schedule their appointments on a regular basis. Essentially, you aren’t giving people a chance to forget about you!

4. Follow Up.  Asking for feedback is a great way to connect with your patients, whether they are new or returning patrons. It also provides two added benefits. First, when you give your patients a chance to voice their opinions about their experience, you will build loyalty and improve your patient return rate. Second, it will give you quality reviews to share with prospective patients who are deciding where to go!

5. Thank your patients! One of the best ways you can get patients to keep coming back is to let them know how appreciated they are. In today’s world, there are numerous choices, so patient appreciation is vitally important. Simply thank them for coming in and being a part of the practice. Two simple words that can make a profound impact:  Thank you!

We all know that it’s more efficient to keep returning patients than try to acquire new ones. A proper recall system and simple thank you will go a long way in helping you build your solid base of returning patients!

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