What Can a Smart Toothbrush Do that Basic Electric Can’t? 

A smart toothbrush (like the Oral B iO) sometimes comes with a hefty price tag. But are these smart devices worth it for your clients and will they help improve their mouth health? 


The Issue with Patient Brushing Habits

It’s probably a given that most of your patients zone out or multitask while brushing their teeth, causing them to not effectively clean their gums and teeth. Just ask how many of your patients watch a video on their phone while brushing. And it’s probably nearly a guarantee that most of your patients don’t brush long enough, brush too hard, or have other poor teeth brushing habits.


What a Smart Toothbrush Can Do

A smart toothbrush uses a gyroscope or motion sensor and AI connected to an app to help guide your patients to better brushing habits. These apps often show patients what areas they missed, whether they are brushing too hard or soft, and give them a timer for the minimum two minutes. But what these apps also often do is give them tips for better brushing habits based on what the AI recognizes, helping improve their habits overall, not just the minimum time they brush. 


The app also gives them a score, which gamifies brushing their teeth. Just think of how competitive people are when it comes to sports or playing games on a phone or tablet. Gamification is so effective that many companies use it to encourage employees to perform at higher levels. With a smart toothbrush connected to an app, your patients will be motivated to score higher or keep their high score, helping encourage better brushing habits through daily rewards. 


Key Takeaways

Better brushing habits will certainly help patients have a cleaner mouth. If you have patients that are always prone to missing certain areas, have inflamed gums, or other chronic problems, they may benefit from a smart toothbrush. 


There are plenty of options out there, not all with a $500 price tag. Encourage patients to shop around or offer them a brand, brush head shape, or settings (such as sensitive or tongue cleaning) that you recommend. In a few short weeks, your patients may experience happier gums and a healthier smile! While you are at it, you might recommend those who hate flossing also get themselves a water flosser for even healthier gums.

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