3 Tips for More Effective Marketing of Your Private Practice

“The best things in life don’t come easy, but those things are the ones worth the sacrifice.” -Adriana Locke

You can’t rely on luck to successfully market your practice. Going viral is nearly impossible on highly saturated social media platforms. That means you have to put in the hard work to market your practice successfully. But it’s worth it because you’ll see a return on your investment with an increased number of patients and revenue. 

Here are some tips to help you market your practice more effectively.

1 | Website Refresh

Give your website a refresh and bring it into the present day with good design. Responsive websites that can be easily viewed on desktop and mobile devices will serve all of your target audience well. Make sure each page has only one call to action on it that encourages your users to do one thing, such as book an appointment. Also, consider adding a function that allows patients to make their appointment through an online form, rather than having to call. Younger generations like these types of online services, helping you attract Gen Z and Millennials. 

2 | Rich Content Marketing 

Rich content is content that is both free and valuable. Rich content is also engaging and should include video, photos, or gifs as these make your content more eye-catching. But it’s more than just that; rich content helps solve a problem your target audience has by providing them with information they need. Providing this content for free not only draws in your audience, but gets them coming back time and again each time you share rich content. The best way to share rich content is by starting a blog. Blog posts allow you to go more in-depth on a topic and is a great way to educate patients about things they need to know, such as how to care for a condition they may have. This content is also highly shareable on social outlets. Tease your blog post in a social media post and then include a call to action for users to learn more. This also drives users back to your website!

3 | Meet People Where They Are

Speaking of social media, there is no getting around the need for having social accounts for your practice in this digital age. Patients and prospective patients are online and they love interacting with businesses there. Each social platform is unique and often attracts a different demographic. For example, YouTube is popular with every generation while Facebook is dominated by Boomers, Instagram by Millennials, and TikTok by Gen Z. It’s also important to tailor your content to each platform, but be sure to keep your voice and branding the same from platform to platform for a cohesive and seamless feel. 

Key Takeaways

Effective marketing takes time and effort but it is well worth it. You can’t expect people to know about your practice or what you have to offer that your competition doesn’t if you don’t spread the word about it. Finally, be sure to always make adjustments to your strategy as needed by paying attention to analytics and insights; in other words, change what isn’t working but keep what does work. 

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