How to Build a Dental Practice that Has a Welcoming Environment for First Time Patients

Let’s face it: people don’t like going to the dentist. In fact, many people dread just walking in the door. Whether founded or not, fear of dental work can prevent people from getting and keeping a healthy smile. That’s why it’s critical that patients visiting your office for the first time feel comfortable and at ease. 

Make Patients Feel Welcome

From the moment a patient walks in the door, he or she should be greeted enthusiastically and welcomed warmly. Your staff should be properly trained on how to talk with patients and how to maintain the proper demeanor. Even on the busiest day, a patient should never feel like an imposition.

Treat Patients Like the VIPs They Are

Without your patients, you would have no practice. They deserve an environment that is well designed and up-to-date. Small luxuries such as beverages, Wi-Fi, video and reading material will communicate that you value them. Make sure the guest space is clean and welcoming. The amount of seating will depend on space limitations, but you should provide a variety of options if you can.


Visiting a dentist takes valuable time. Most of your patients will be taking time from work for their appointments. Keep them advised of how the schedule is moving and if they will see the dentist at their scheduled time.

Promote Familiarity

First-time patients will be skeptical since they don’t know the office or the staff. Provide a tour and introduce the patient to the staff. Explain what will happen during the visit and what to expect from beginning to end. When meeting the dentist for the first time, a brief get to know session in an office rather than in the exam room can be comforting.

After The Visit

A sincere thank you after the visit along with a follow-up on how the patient is doing will go a long way toward creating a positive impression. 

There are many reasons to give your patients a positive experience – not the least of these is so that patients will want to return. Creating this type of impression begins the minute they walk in the door. Investing the time and money into making this a pleasant experience will be worth it for both you and your patients.

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