When people go to the dentist, they are thinking about their teeth – not their eyes. As the doctor, you should be thinking about your patients’ eyes in addition to their teeth!  We recently came across a story that touches on this point exactly.

Jenn Morrone lost part of her vision after visiting her dentist. While getting a Novocaine shot, the needle was fumbled and dropped in Jenn’s eye. You might think that the needle caused vision problems, but it was actually the bacteria from her mouth that was on the needle that did the damage. 

“The bacteria and germs that live inside the mouth are very dangerous inside the eye,” said Dr. Christopher Brady of Johns Hopkins University.

Dr. Brady tried antibiotics and a number of surgeries to preserve the eye, but eventually Jenn was fitted for a prosthetic eye.

What happened to Jenn was 100% preventable. If eye protection had been used, she would still have her vision and her life would be a lot different.

The CDC and American Dental Association recommend that all dental patients wear eye protection. However, it’s a guideline that isn’t always followed.

Patients don’t think about eye protection at the dentist. They believe their dentist is competent to take care of their teeth while taking the necessary safety precautions for them. They trust you, as the dentist, to warn them of any potential hazards. 

Eye protection is a simple thing that can prevent injuries and illness. And it’s as easy as providing plastic shades to your patients.

Train your dental assistants and hygienists to work it into their routine with patients.  Incidents like what happened with Jenn Morrone don’t have to happen ever again!

RolLens is a simple, cost-effective way to provide hygienic eye protection to your dental patients. Our line of disposable protective lenses include clear and tinted versions to give your patients the best level of comfort. 

To learn more about Jenn’s story and her desire to raise awareness, see the full story here.  

To learn more about Rollens eye protection or to order a supply for your office, call 1-800-898-7474 or visit www.rollens.com.

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