With the millions of apps that are available today, it can sometimes feel overwhelming when you are trying to find the right app for what you need. We collected a handful of some practical and some fun apps that dentists and their patients can find useful. Take a look!

Dental Drugs – This is a must-have application for dental professionals, offering an easy, quick reference of prescription medications. Its easy-to-navigate system can help remind you of dosage amounts. 

Dental Economics – This trusted, practice-management magazine is in an easy-to-read format that you can access on the go. You can stay connected with the latest business advice, information and technology in this paperless, mobile format!

Dental Town – Dental Town is a trusted online community for dentists and dental professionals around the world, and now you can access it on a mobile device. It has full capability of message boards, personal messaging, articles, podcasts and profile settings. 

Beam Dental – With this app, the two minutes of brushing teeth that can often feel boring to patients are now an engaging, entertaining and rewarding two minutes! The app helps patients track their hygiene habits, while gamifying the experience. Users can reach different levels by doing certain hygiene tasks.

Rubberband Reminder – This app is simply a reminder app for orthodontic patients to help stay in compliance with their rubber bands. The app reminds them throughout the day as to whether or not they are wearing their rubber bands. It will also track their progress, which can be shown to an orthodontist or parent. 

Flinch – Flinch is a fun app that takes the classic staring contest to a new level. This app uses video streaming and emotional tracking technology to determine who smiles first. You can play with people you know or explore to meet new friends. 

Toothless – While the real-life version of being toothless is no laughing matter, this app takes teeth out of any picture and shows you what your toothless smile would look like. Making pictures in this app is sure to cause a few smiles and give patients the urge to go home and floss!

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