Halloween is upon us – and glasses are always a fun and easy accessory to add to a costume, especially for specific characters.  With some costumes, the glasses make the look! 

Rollens wrap-a-round lenses offer a simple, cost-effective way to add glasses to your Halloween costume. Whether your staff is dressing for the holiday or you want to share these ideas with your patients, let Rollens shades be a fun part of your fall this year!

  • Johnny Bravo – This is a super simple costume if you have a pair of blue jeans and a black T-shirt laying around.  All you need is a little bit of hair gel and a pair of Rollens shades to complete the look!
  • Men in Black – The famous black suit with dark shades is a simple Halloween costume to execute. Pull your suit out of the back of your closet for a simple, fun costume.
  • Star Trek Next Gen – Geordi La Forge – He once was blind, but now he sees, thanks to his VISOR, which scans the electromagnetic spectrum and sends the signal directly into his optic nerve.  Add some gold bling to a Rollens shade and you have a fun “VISOR” of your own!
  • Audrey Hepburn – Take a strong pair of scissors and frame out your Rollens glasses to make a cat-eye shape. Girls will love the simple accessory for an iconic character costume!
  • Power Ranger – The classic 90s kids show has made a comeback and with a little imagination, you can make a safe, functional visor for the Power Ranger helmet. Kids young and old will enjoy this costume. A few simple cuts to shape a Rollens lens make it perfect to work with this costume.
  • Pirate – Rollens glasses can easily be trimmed to make a simple eye patch. Poke holes through to feed an elastic string for the eye patch and voila, you have an easy eye patch that you can still see through!

From all of us at Rollens, we hope you, your practice and your patients have a safe and fun Halloween!

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