Facebook still remains one of the top social media outlets for private practices as patients head there to scope out your practice and see what you’re all about. It’s no wonder that so many practice owners have finally realized that “yes” they need to be on social media.

However, the Facebook pages of many practices are full of mistakes. Here are a few top tips to make your Facebook Page work for you:

1. Make sure you’ve filled it out completely! We can’t tell you how many pages we see that still don’t have “cover photos” on the profile. This is valuable visual real estate that you should take advantage of on your page. Also, make sure you’ve filled in your contact info, office hours and page description fully. More and more, people are using social media to find addresses and phone numbers when they are lost or late.

2. Be consistent. There’s nothing worse than seeing a Facebook business page that hasn’t been active for months (or years) on end! The public perceives this as a practice that is out of business. However, consistent posts are good for people who are scoping out your practice to know that you are still in business and that you are relevant to consumers today.

3. Post pictures and video of you and your team. This is the number one way to increase engagement for private practices, but it is the one thing that most practices don’t do. Don’t be shy! People often are going to your practice because of the personalities there, so make sure you showcase those personalities on social media. There are many, many other competitors that patients could choose to go to, but they’ve chosen YOUR office. Use this great outlet of social media to connect with them!

4. Pay to Play. Facebook says they’ll always be a free outlet for users, but that doesn’t mean that Facebook doesn’t want business’ money. Over the last five years, Facebook has dwindled the organic (non-paid) exposure to only 10-20% of your following. This means you need to be really savvy or be willing to pay to get your message out. The good news is that the cost per ad on Facebook is still really affordable compared to other digital advertising. 

It’s become clear over the past couple years that social media – and especially Facebook – is a must for any private practice. Make sure you’ve checked in on your Facebook strategy to see that you are doing everything you can to be successful on this social media powerhouse!

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