As eye-care and dental professionals, you also are business owners who probably don’t have a lot of time to think about marketing or positioning your business. You’re probably already working overtime taking care of the basics – your patients.

But if you had time to listen to business consultants, you’d learn that many of them recommend adding value to the services that you provide.

While I think that maintaining your patients’ eyesight, teeth and gums should be plenty of value, the Rollens Company can help you add a little bit more with its disposable glasses that are intended to be used one per customer.

So let’s look at some of the ways you are adding value when you give your patients Rollens protective eyeglasses:

1. You are protecting their eyes with equipment that hasn’t been used by anyone else. Not only will your patients be pleased that their eyes are being protected, they’ll also be happy to know they don’t have to worry about whether the protective eyewear has been used before and sterilized.

2. The Rollens lenses are items that your patients can take away from their appointments. It’s like giving kids a sucker when they go in for their required shots. After their appointment with you, your patients can put the glasses to all sorts of uses.  

They can stick them in their car’s glove box so they have a back-up pair of sunglasses if they forget their more expensive ones at home. They can pack them when they travel so they have eye protection in case they lose the pair they brought on the trip.  

Our clear lenses are equally handy to have around. They can be used when folks paint their houses, work on craft projects or even mow their lawns.  While the lenses aren’t made to protect eyes from projectiles, they will keep out dust and bugs, as well as paint and other craft-type materials. 

3. They are easy to clean. All it takes is warm, soapy water and a clean, soft cloth. Put the glasses in the water and then wipe dry. All the smudges, etc., will be gone and the glasses will feel like new!

Share some of these ideas with your patients and see how much they appreciate the added value that you’ve given them.

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