Vicki Tennyson enjoys selling a protective eye product that dental professionals love – and need.

As the dental sales representative for the Rollens Company, Vicki works with a loyal group of dental offices that provide Rollens’ protective eyewear for both their hygienists and dental patients.

“Once they start using the glasses, they love them,” Vicki said.

The glasses come in two colors and two styles for dental practices – Clear and Platinum Gray, and Rollens regular and RollensPlus, the latter of which has hypo-allergenic adhesive strips to assure the glasses stay in place during the lengthiest dental procedures.

Vicki said dental hygienists wear the clear lenses to protect their eyes from chemicals and splatters while allowing them to see what they’re doing. For their patients, they provide the Platinum Gray glasses, which shield their patients’ eyes from splatters and the strong dental lights.

But protection is just one benefit of the lenses that dental professionals appreciate.

Vicki said they also welcome the convenience the lenses provide. Since they are disposable, they can be given to patients or thrown away – saving dental offices the added time and cost required to clean and sterilize other eye protection options.

Noting that the price of the cleaning solution has skyrocketed, Vicki said,
“once they look at the cost, these are more cost effective because of the solution and the time they spend cleaning.”

Plus, she said, “the patients feel like they’re getting more than a toothbrush” because they can take the glasses home.

Pediatric dentists also buy the “rainbow” eyewear that come with colorful borders for their young patients, who love them, she added.

Vicki said she also appreciates the fact that the Rollens Company makes its protective eyewear available to everyone – from individuals to private dental practices.

Now starting her 16th year with Rollens, Vicki also works as the company’s administrator, which gives her the opportunity to talk with all sorts of people – from vendors, to dental and eye-care practices, to individuals.

The most heart-warming customers often are the individuals who call and ask to buy the glasses after being given a pair by their dental or eye-care professional, Vicki said. They truly love the glasses and are grateful that the Rollens Company can accommodate their needs, she said.

If you or a dental office you know needs protective eyewear, give Vicki a call at 1-800-898-7474, Ext. 4.

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