COVID-19 has drastically changed how we all do things, from grocery shopping to doctor and dental appointments. If your practice is starting in-person appointments again, or you have already started them again and just haven’t seen patients re-engage with you, follow these tips to jump start your practice again.

Send Updates

First, it is important to let your patients know that you are handling their care in a safe and effective manner. Patients who feel safe are more likely to schedule an appointment. Send out an email and post updates on your social media accounts and website about how you will be handling appointments, such as any pre-screening checks and how you will handle pre-visit waits (i.e. waiting in the lobby or waiting in their car until called in). Patient protection while in the dental chair can also be handled by giving patients Rollens protective eye glasses. Don’t forget to encourage your patients to contact you if they have any questions or concerns.

Share Engaging Online Content

COVID-19 has shown the importance of doing business online. If you haven’t started a blog or joined social media, now is a good time to start. Blogs are a great way to share content that is both engaging and informative to your patients. Don’t forget to share your blog posts to your practice’s social channels, like Facebook. 

Increase your social media presence to stay in touch with your patients. Share information or even just something fun and creative. Examples of posts include sharing blog posts or articles, memes, informative videos, posing questions to your patients and sharing behind-the-scenes photos of your practice. 

Offer Teledentistry

Some patients may just need to check in or ask questions about a concern they may have. These kinds of appointments are easy to handle via teledentistry. It allows you to assess if their concerns warrant an in-person appointment later or if it is something that can be handled virtually. 

Offer a Discount

We understand that not all practices may have the ability to offer a promotion or discount during this difficult time. However, if it is something you think you can do, consider offering a discount to patients on their next cleaning. Consider making it time-sensitive, such as having to call and make the appointment by a certain date or having the actual appointment by a certain date, in order to receive the discount.

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