Since The Rollens Company offers its eye protection lenses in a two styles and a variety of colors, you might wonder which one is right for you.

Let’s start with the regular Rollens wrap-a-round glasses. They have a lightweight, contoured shape that hugs your head and comes in three colors – Diamond Clear, Platinum Gray and Gold Amber.

Then there’s the RollensPlus wrap-a-round lenses. Also lightweight, these have adhesive strips to keep the protective eye goggles in place – great for lengthy dental procedures or long bike rides in the mountains. The Plus style comes in Diamond Clear and Platinum Gray.

Let’s take a look at the advantages of each color – Diamond Clear, Platinum Gray and Gold Amber.

The Diamond Clear version is perfect for dental patients as it protects them from splats and sprays during dental exams and procedures. The clear design also allows the dentist to see patients’ eyes, which will let the dental staff know whether patients are comfortable during procedures.

They’re also great for individuals who do handicraft- or home improvement-type work. That would include the woodworker who wants to see what he is doing and the painter who wants to paint the ceiling without getting paint in the eyes.

The Platinum Gray version is designed for dental and eye-care patients, as well as people who enjoy the outdoors. These disposable eyeglasses provide 100% ultraviolet protection.

They work great for dental patients undergoing procedures involving ultraviolet curing, eye-care patients who have just had their eyes dilated and are heading home in the bright sunlight, or even cyclists who want fabulous eye protection without a lot of weight on their heads.

The Gold Amber offers the same advantages as the Platinum Gray version. It also blocks more than 95% of blue light, making it a good option for individuals who have undergone photodynamic therapy (PDT), also known as photochemotherapy.

Depending on how you want to use them, you’re sure to find a Rollens lens that’s right for you. To send us your feedback, comments, etc., visit the Contact Us page on this website.

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