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They’re called wrap-a-round lenses, dental eye shields, post-mydriatic sunglasses, glasses, sunglasses and even eye goggles. Regardless of what you call them – or how you use them – you’re sure to learn very quickly the benefits of Rollens lenses.

Eye Care Professionals and Their Patients

The benefits of Rollens eye glasses include:

1. Light-blocking capability.

Rollens lenses give significantly greater protection from light for post-mydriatic patients. Their contoured shape and head-hugging design are better at blocking annoying side glare than conventional post-myd eye protection.

2. UV protection.

Rollens lenses provide 100% UV protection with only 6% to 8% visible light transmission.

3. Blue light blocking.

The Gold Amber lenses block more than 95% of blue light, making it a good fit for individuals who have undergone photodynamic therapy (PDT), also known as photochemotherapy.

4. Affordability.

Because each pair of eye protection is so reasonably priced, you want your patients to leave your office wearing them.

Dentists and Their Patients

As the largest selling wrap-a-round lenses in the dental market, the benefits to dentists and their patients include:

1. A secure fit.

RollensPlus lenses have adhesive strips to keep the glasses securely in place to protect eyes from splatters and sprays during almost any dental procedure.

2. Comfort.

Rollens eye glasses are one size fits all, automatically adjusting to the contours of each individual’s face.

3. Guaranteed cleanliness.

Because Rollens products are so affordable, they are disposable, guaranteeing cleanliness and safety compliance. They can be tossed after each use or given to patients to take with them. No more sterilizing and watching the glasses deteriorate after each cleaning.

4. Peace of mind.

Rollens protective lenses have been reviewed by an independent, non-profit, dental-testing lab and have been found to be effective as a disposable eye-protection device.

For Everyone

Everyone who protects the health of their eyes with Rollens eye shields will discover many benefits. The glasses are:

1. 100% American made.

Rollens wrap-a-round lenses are manufactured in Colorado using only materials produced in the United States.

2. Affordable.

A box of 50 lenses costs less than the price of most sunglasses. If you lose a pair, your loss would be less than the price of a soda.

3. Lightweight and comfortable.

The eye shields are so lightweight that you often forget you are wearing them.

4. One size fits all.

You don’t need to buy different sizes to fit all of your patients or your whole family.

5. Unbreakable.

You can take them anywhere with you and not worry about them breaking when they are mishandled.

6. Riskless.

Rollens lenses come with a 100% money-back guarantee.

7. Fun.

The Rollens Company’s new product – Doodle Eyes – makes wearing eye protection fun for the kids of today. A kit of Doodle Eyes contains nine glasses that can be decorated to fit your child’s every mood or to use as an entertaining project at a party.

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