What is Polarization and Why is it Important for Lenses?

Often people see polarized lenses as an option, but more and more studies are showing how much polarization protects the eyes. Not only that, but polarized lenses significantly help athletes and sportsmen so they can perform at the highest level possible.  

When you hear the word polarization, a few things might come to mind. Maybe you remember a fishing pro talking about his polarized sunglasses that help him see into the water. Or maybe you think of the sophisticated physics property that is defined as a property of waves that can oscillate with more than one orientation. Or maybe the only place you hear about polarization is when you visit the optometrist.

How do Polarized Lenses Work?

Light waves can travel horizontally or vertically, which is where polarized lenses come into play. A polarized lens only allows light to travel in one direction, either vertically or horizontally. It blocks out the light going in the different way, which allows your eyes to focus on the light waves on one plane, the vertical or horizontal plane. Consider fishing: light reflects off water and into water and goes in many different directions, causing major glare. Polarization cuts that down significantly, making it easier to see the fish through the water.

By having a polarized lens that accepts only one wave plane, it rids your eyes of trying to separate all of the different wave directions, letting your eyes focus on the water, beyond the surface and into the water. Without polarized lenses, your eyes have to do all the work of processing light waves into one orientation. A polarized lens does all the work for you, making the process of focusing much easier for your eyes.

The effects of the polarization of light are: 1) you can avoid unnecessary eye strain, 2) UV rays are reflected off the lenses so your eyes are protected and 3) colors are more vibrant and true, allowing details to be seen more precisely. When given the opportunity to buy polarized or non-polarized glasses, polarized would be the wise choice because of all of the benefits they provide.

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