As doctors, health is something we think about all day long, so why is it that we often are failing at our own health. On top of that, our business relies on us to be healthy, so it matters even more! As a practice owner, your health needs to be a priority!

Why your business needs you healthy:

1. You are vital. If you are a single-doctor practice, or any small practice for that matter, when one doctor is out, the entire office is thrown off. There are fewer people who can fill in for doctors with specialized degrees, so it’s important for you stay as healthy as possible.

2.  You set an example.  The best doctors practice what they preach, so if you aren’t taking care of yourself, how can you expect your patients to follow your instructions?

3.  Your business needs you.  When you’re in business for yourself, you are wearing a lot of hats.  When you’re out, things WILL fall through the cracks, so take care to keep yourself healthy so that your business can continue to move forward.

Staying healthy is easier said than done, right? Most doctors are experts in their field of study, but also have to be HR managers, business leaders and marketing experts, to name a few. Oh, and don’t forget your family and friends outside of work too! We know that it’s hard to keep yourself healthy, but here are a few tips:

1.  Take a lunch.  You may think you need to have a booked schedule of patients from start of day to end, but taking a break is healthy for all. You’ll be able to squeeze in a healthy snack or lunch and your brain will have a chance to take a break as well. 

2.  Get out of the office.  Most private practice doctors end up craning their necks or becoming hunched over. Getting up and out of your office is a great way to get in a few steps and stand up straight for a while! 

3.  Pack healthy snacks.  We know that even if you block out time for lunch, emergencies and obligations pop up. If you get in the habit of being prepared with healthy snacks to graze on throughout the day, even if your day gets derailed, you have fed your body with good fuel!

4.  Learn to delegate.  You don’t have to do it all! That’s part of why you have a team in your practice. Learn to delegate tasks to your office manager and staff that allow you more flexibility in your day to focus on the most important tasks to your business.

5.  Smile.  We all know that smiling is important; in fact, many of us are in the business of creating more smiles in the world. However, the daily act of smiling, even if you have to force yourself to, can have a profound effect on how you view your day!

6.  Bonus!  When you are sick, stay home. There’s nothing worse than spreading germs or delaying your recovery. One day off is better than infecting an entire staff and creating an extended time off for you too!

You can’t afford to run on empty, which is why focusing on your health is vital part of your own business. A few simple steps can keep your business growing in a healthy way!

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