There is More than Back to School Eye Exams to Promote!

Back to school season is a key time to encourage families into your practice. It’s not until parents get the first report card that they realize it’s time to schedule that exam they forgot about before school started. 

That means it’s not too late to start marketing and reaching out to parents of school children for eye care needs. 

Here are some marketing ideas for boosting your practice’s growth during the fall semester.

1 | Back to School Eye Exams

Reaching out to elementary schools or underserved districts in your area to offer free basic eye exams for students can be a great way to not only boost your practice’s visibility, but it gives you a chance to give back to your community. For students that need additional eye care or glasses, have a form ready for parents detailing their child’s needs and your practice’s information so they can make an appointment if necessary. 

2 | Ugly Glasses Contest

Start a user-generated content (UGC) campaign by encouraging people to post a picture of them in their ugly glasses and tag your practice to enter into a competition. The person with the most likes gets a gift certificate toward eyewear at your clinic. While this does cost you some money upfront for the gift certificate, the purpose of this campaign is to build awareness of your practice. Many practices find that this type of campaign actually increases their overall yearly revenue, meaning that it doesn’t just generate fun content for you to share on your profiles for awareness, but it actually gets people in the door of your clinic!

3 | Write a Blog

Write up a blog on the link between good vision and school performance. The link between these two things can be complicated, but a blog gives you plenty of space to go into detail about it. Then be sure to promote your blog post on your social accounts as well as your newsletter.

4| Some Other Tips and Ideas

Here is a list of a few other tips and ideas to get old and new patients making appointments.

  • Send out a reminder newsletter to patients that it’s time for a back to school eye exam
  • Run an ad in a local parenting magazine or newspaper
  • Offer a special on blue-light glasses to help students reduce eye strain from all that computer use
  • Run a billboard advertising a special or sale for student patients
  • Set up a frame show during a book fair and offer a discount on frames for parents who purchase at the show or give them a limited time coupon


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