3 Tips for Attracting and Retaining the Best Employees

There are so many things to focus on when you run a practice. However, one of the key aspects should be attracting top talent to your practice. Your employees are the face of your business and having great employees is essential to an excellent patient experience.

Another bonus of using strategies that help attract top talent to your practice is that it also helps with employee retention. When you hire great people, you help create a positive workplace culture that people want to stay in for many years to come. This means you’ll spend less time recruiting and more time focusing on patient experience in the long run.

Here are 3 tips to help you attract top talent to your practice.

1 | Evaluate People Based on their Potential

It’s easy to get caught up in looking at a candidate’s past work experience, or lack thereof if they are a recent graduate. If someone has gaps in their employment or has moved around a lot, ask questions in an interview to delve into why. You might find that they are the spouse of an active duty military member or they took care of a family member full time for a while. Neither of these issues should discount someone immediately. In fact, it’s important to instead look for people who are eager to learn and grow in their new job, so focus more on a candidate’s potential and not their past. 

2 | Train and Develop Your Employees

Once you’ve hired someone for their potential, you can’t drop the ball on them. While training and developing these eager employees can mean more work up front, this work will pay off in the end. This is because they will develop the skills you find most important and be trained to your satisfaction for your practice. By offering opportunities for professional development for all of your employees, it shows that you care about them as a person and their own personal growth and helps everyone feel included–something that can really boost employee retention!

3 | Emphasize a Work-Life Balance

The recent pandemic caused most working adults to re-evaluate what is important in their lives. It’s not enough to just have benefits like vacation time. Today’s employees want an employer that encourages them to have a healthy work-life balance where they actually use their vacation time or have flexible hours to pick up a sick child from school. By prioritizing a good work-life balance, you can also help prevent employee burnout, improve morale, and boost retention!

Key Takeaways

Today’s workers are eager and ready to grow and learn in their careers. By looking for the right people with potential, offering professional development and training, and emphasizing a healthy work-life balance, you can not only attract top talent, but also create an excellent workplace culture that focuses on a great patient experience.

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