First impressions are everything. But did you know that first impression judgements are made in only seven seconds? That means that new patients are making their decision on whether your practice is competent long before you get them in the exam room. To help ensure that their first impression is a positive one, here are our top three tips.

A Stellar Website

These days, first impressions are partially or fully made based on your website, and the amount of time it takes a person to form a first impression of a website is even less time. In fact, it takes a person less than two-tenths of a second! So, it is critically important to have a professional looking website. Once they have decided to stick around to check out your site, you need to keep them there. This requires making sure your website is easy to navigate. And many patients like convenience, so consider having the ability to make appointments online. 

Exterior Upgrades

Make some smart upgrades to your exterior to keep your practice looking modern. Update your signage and be sure that walkways are clear. Curb appeal is important so make sure there is good landscaping. In the warmer months, potted plants can make your entryway more inviting. A fresh coat of paint can also go a long way in making a good first impression. Don’t forget to make sure that your windows and door are clean and that there is no trash in your parking lot. 

The Wait

The time from check-in to when you call the patient back should be a pleasant experience. Your front desk staff is the first point of contact and a key factor in creating a good first impression. So having excellent front desk staff is critical. Attract top talent by offering a higher salary and take the time to invest in proper training; it will pay off in the end.

Also, cut down on wait times. This can be done through equipment upgrades for more streamlined exams. And even though you want to make wait times as short as possible, make that wait as comfortable as possible. Consider remodeling your waiting area with a fresh coat of paint, modern and comfortable furniture, plus subtle lighting. Don’t forget to think about the flow of the room layout and to include free Wi-Fi.

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