It is essential to get referrals and new customers if you want to grow your practice. But if you are having a hard time getting your dental office to stand out, especially when you have a lot of competition in town, then these tips are for you!

See it From the Patient’s Perspective

Periodically, you should look at your practice from the patients’ eyes. Take a walk around and outside of the office and evaluate how your patients, especially new ones, may see your practice. Note how the office and building look, whether things are tidy in the reception area, what the wait is like in the lobby, how the restroom looks, what the ceiling looks like while in the dental chair and evaluate the staff. You may not have the budget to renovate, but sometimes a fresh coat of paint and replacing a few chairs or lights may brighten up the space. 

Great Communication and a Positive Attitude

Keeping up with technology is good, but the ability to communicate well with current patients, have great customer service and a caring and positive attitude can really make you stand out. But how does this help you get new customers? Friends and family make referrals based on their experience with you. And many people hold referrals from family and friends with high regard. From the moment a patient speaks with the receptionist over the phone to make an appointment, to the moment they walk out the door, you want their experience to be a positive one. Focus on the patient and how you can help them, not the insurance. Connecting with your patients can lead to loyal patients who make referrals. 

Give an Office Tour to New Patients

By taking new patients on a tour of the practice and introducing them to your staff. This will give you an opportunity to connect with new patients, have positive exchanges and it even allows the new patients to ask questions while they see the office. 

Have a Patient-Centric Schedule

Many of your patients are at work or school during your office hours and it isn’t always easy for everyone to take time off. Consider going the extra mile and having a more patient-centric schedule that extends your hours past the usual 9 to 5 or perhaps even being open on certain holidays. This will make it more convenient for patients to fit an appointment into their schedule.

Take Time to Explain Things

Many patients are used to coming in, getting treatment and then going to pay for services. But by taking the time to sit down with patients, especially new ones, you have an opportunity to discuss your practice philosophy and what you will be trying to accomplish with them. Thoroughly explain treatments and address any concerns or questions they may have. This isn’t about having some long conversation or chit-chatting, but about addressing the needs of the patient and effective communication. 

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