Growing Your Dental Practice with These 3 Tips

There are many different audiences to market to. If your practice is geared toward family dental, it’s important to adjust your strategies accordingly. Here are 3 tips to help you effectively market to families that will grow your practice.

1 | Know Your Decision Makers

When marketing to families, it should go without saying that you aren’t really marketing to children or families as a whole. You are really targeting your message to the decision makers in a family, which is often the mother, especially when it comes to health care for the children.

But it goes beyond just knowing who you are targeting in a family with your messaging. You’ll need to craft your message to speak directly to the needs of what these decision makers are looking for when selecting a dentist for their family. These attitudes, however, will depend on the demographics around your practice area. For some audiences, the biggest concern could be price. For other audiences, the comfort and safety of their youngsters might be the biggest concern. Be sure to let these decision makers know you take comfort and safety seriously, and use Rollens to protect the eyes of your patients during cleanings and procedures!

Now that we’ve looked at the who, let’s talk about the where and how to tailor your messages even further. 

 2 | Take Your Message Online

The decision makers for families should be targeted where they are, and that is online. Today’s parents are going to be mostly Gen X and Millennials, so be sure to head over to the platforms they mostly use, which are Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube! If you have room in the budget for online ads, great! But don’t forget that you need a mix of paid and organic posts to not only get better reach, but have higher engagement levels. When it comes to online ads, don’t forget Google Ads as well. Decision makers will do research online and Google is the most used search engine. Getting your name on the first page of results is key. 

3 | Keywords Unlock Greater Reach

Whether you are tailoring a message on a paid ad, writing up an organic post, or fine tuning your website or practice’s blog, keywords are a must. These are words that the decision makers are searching for online in search engines and social media platforms to find a dental practice. These keywords are often phrases (such as “family dentist”) and you’ll want to weave them in naturally to your website, blog posts, and organic social posts. Don’t forget to also include these keywords in your meta descriptions, page headings, titles, and so on. The more you can weave these in, the greater chance you’ll show up higher in a search!

Key Takeaway

Marketing to families is all about meeting the decision makers where they are and tailoring your message to their unique needs. This will require researching your audience. However, don’t forget that needs change over time. Be sure to check in with your data and insights and adjust your messaging as needed so you can continue to get great reach and engagement with these target audiences. 

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