Four Strategies to Build Trust and Loyalty with Patients

While acquiring new patients might be one of your top challenges and goals, keeping your current patients is perhaps an even more important goal. By cultivating a long-term relationship with your current patients, you’ll be able to not only build trust and loyalty with them, but you can take the worry about constantly getting new patients off your plate. 


Here are our four top strategies to increase patient loyalty.

1 | Build Your Brand

Branding isn’t just your logo, it’s what your practice is known for. A great branding strategy is demonstrating concern for patient needs and providing a solution. Patients increasingly expect and select providers that deliver on brand promises, especially those that show they truly care about their patients.

2 | Patient Feedback

Get feedback from your patients by sending out a survey. This helps you learn what is important to them and what issues you might need to address. Remember, be open to the feedback you hear and think about your practice from the patient’s point of view. Some things you might want to ask about are their satisfaction with the level of care and convenience and ease of scheduling.

3 | Reassess and Make Changes

This world is constantly evolving–from consumer behavior to new technology. Be sure to routinely assess your process, systems and technology to make sure that everything is running smoothly for a great patient experience. The better experience a patient has with you, the more likely they are to trust you and feel loyal to your practice. 

4 | Use Rollens

As we mentioned before, building long-term relationships with your patients means that you have to show them you care about their well-being. This helps to build trust and loyalty. Using Rollens during appointments can help show that you care about your patient’s well-being. After the procedure, tell your patients they can use Rollens as a spare pair of sunglasses. Your practice name may be mentioned outside your office as people ask where they got those glasses, further enhancing your brand with potential patients. Our protective lenses are lightweight, easy to use, and conveniently adjust to fit facial contours. They also provide UV protection and light blocking for eye patients. For dental patients, they won’t have to worry about fluids splashing up into their eyes during a procedure. Our lenses are affordable and made in America. We even offer an environmentally friendly option. To purchase Rollens for your practice, visit our website today

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