What we have all learned over the past several years is just how important the environment is. From massive weather events, wildfires and diminishing wildlife populations, it’s clear that using renewable sources to make products more environmentally friendly is a helpful thing. That is why Rollens created the EcoLens, a BioPreferred Product. 

What is BioPreferred?

BioPreferred is a program managed by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA). The program focuses on increasing the purchase and use of biobased products over traditional petroleum-based plastics. These biobased products are derived from raw materials that are plant-based or from other renewable marine, agricultural and forestry materials. By using biobased products, we help to reduce the nation’s reliance on petroleum and help to increase the demand for renewable resources. This in turn reduces adverse environmental and health impacts in our communities.

How Does the EcoLens Fit In?

The EcoLens is a true innovation for healthcare! This revolutionary product is made of 46% plant-based materials, which is in line with the USDA’s BioPreferred programs. So the same post-mydriatic and dental procedure protective eyewear you’ve come to know and trust is now eco-friendly. 

The Same Features You Know and Trust

Like our other protective eyewear, EcoLens still has all the same quality and features that you know and love.

  • The unique grip-flex design and contoured shape gently holds close to the face, providing significant protection for your patients’ eyes from glare, bright lights and foreign objects.
  • This disposable lens protects your patients’ health because it is sanitary and requires no additional disinfecting and doesn’t spread germs.
  • They are easy to store and wear because they require no folding, bending or time consuming adjustments.
  • The wrap around lenses are one size fits all and their lightweight design is comfortable for patients to wear.
  • And now, this revolutionary eyewear helps protect the planet because it is made from 45% plant-based materials and is biodegradable!

Already an Award Winning Product!

We are proud to share that our new EcoLens has already won a sustainability award by our manufacturing supplier. This award is presented to products that provide environmental, social and economic benefits while protecting public health, which are in line with our manufacturer’s United Nations 2030 Sustainable Development Goals! 


Our revolutionary EcoLens has the same quality and features you’ve come to know and trust from Rollens. This lightweight wrap around lens gently holds the lens close to the face and offers significant protection for your patients all while being eco-friendly! 

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