COVID-19 has forever changed the way we live. Many have been reminded just how important our health is and how habits such as not touching our face and washing our hands properly can help prevent the spread of illnesses like the common flu and COVID-19. But for many, the pandemic has also brought anxiety and worry for one’s own safety when outside the home. 

While we wait for the majority of Americans to be vaccinated for COVID-19, we understand that continuing care for eye and mouth health is important for the overall health of your patients. For dental and eyecare professionals alike, it is key that you help your patients feel at ease when they come in for their appointment to ensure continuity of care. Here are some simple ways that you can help your patients feel safe when they come in for an appointment.

Messaging is Key

It is important that you let your patients know about all the things you are doing to keep them safe when they come in for an appointment. This will not only help ease any anxiety, but can also encourage them to make an appointment. You can get the word out about your efforts by sharing on your social channels, in a newsletter or when you call to remind patients that it is time to schedule an annual appointment. If you have already gotten that information out there, consider doing it again. It is a good reminder to patients that you take their safety seriously during these trying times.

Use Rollens Disposable Shades

Providing your patients with Rollens disposable shades for use during or after an appointment is a simple way to provide them protection while giving patients 100% confidence that the shades are clean. Because they can be tossed after each use or given to patients to take with them, you don’t have to worry about sterilizing between patients, giving you and your patients peace of mind. 

Pre-Appointment Screening

Consider screening your patients prior to their appointment. Ask if they are experiencing any symptoms, such as a cough, before they enter the building. If possible, also consider checking their temperature before they enter the building. 

Require Masks

Require that all staff and patients wear a mask (have dental patients wear their mask until they are seated for their exam). Provide disposable surgical masks to patients that don’t have one. 

Regular Cleaning

Make sure that you are regularly cleaning surfaces, especially hot spots like the check-in desk and door handles. Use a cleaner that will kill germs, including COVID-19, and wipe down your check-in desk in between each patient. 

Provide Hand Sanitizer

Provide bottles of hand sanitizer for patients to use in the waiting room and exam rooms. This will allow the patient to keep their hands clean when heading to the restroom to wash their hands isn’t available. 

Tell Them

Use your email services, social media, and more to make it clear to patients that you care about safety. Share with them your protocols and make sure it’s well-known.


There are many simple ways to help your patients feel safe during their appointment. From letting your patients know what you are doing to protect their health to providing hand sanitizer to using Rollens disposable shades, you will be able to provide both your patients and your staff peace of mind and safety.

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