4 Reasons Why You Should Buy From Veteran-Owned Companies

Many people want to give back to veterans, yet they don’t always know just how to do that. One way to support veterans is to do business with veteran-owned companies. 

The U.S. Small Business Administration estimates that veterans are 45% more likely to be self-employed than non-veterans. This may be due in part to the leadership skills they learned in the military that make a great foundation for entrepreneurship. 

Here are 4 benefits of supporting a veteran-owned business. 

1 | Charitable Giving is Amplified

Many veteran-owned brands also support charities, which often help other veterans. So when consumers shop from a veteran-owned business, they are doing double-duty with their dollars!

2 | It Supports the Economy 

Most veteran-owned companies are small businesses and employ people from their community. Shopping and supporting their business can have a direct impact on the local community because the money that goes to the paychecks of the employees goes toward helping revitalize a local economy. Further it can lead to more job creation as the local economy is stimulated, making it an investment in everyone’s future! 

3 | It Inspires Other Veterans

When veterans see that consumers and clients support veteran-owned businesses, it inspires them to put their own skills to use and open a small business of their own. This gives veterans hope and keeps them engaged in the community, which can even boost their mental health. 

4 | It’s Patriotic

Supporting a veteran-owned business is often viewed as an act of patriotism. It gives people a chance to show their appreciation to the veteran for the service they provided to the country. It is a way to directly support veterans, who are an essential part of the economy and local communities.

Support Veteran Owned by Shopping Rollens!

When you shop Rollens, you are supporting a veteran-owned business! President and Owner, Dan Salmore, is proud to have served his country and to offer products that are made in America, including our EcoLens! Shop Rollens today to support American Made and Veteran Owned. 

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