How to Improve the Patient Experience During a Pandemic

With so many safety protocols during a health crisis, it can be difficult to connect with your patients. During times like this, it is more important than ever to create a positive experience for your patients. Here are our tips to improving patient experience even with more safety protocols in place. 

 Greetings are Important

Your patients can’t see your smile through your mask so be sure to verbally greet them with a positive tone, even if you are feeling stressed. We know that all the extra protocols can really pack on the time it takes to see each patient, which brings us to our next tip.

 Give More Time

Added safety protocols can mean that it takes more time to see each patient so be sure to build that into your daily schedule. You might see a few less patients each day, but it will help keep you and your staff less stressed and your patients happier because they don’t feel like you are rushing with them.

 Guide Your Patients Through 

No one likes not knowing what is expected of them so up your good communication game. Before your patient even walks in the door, give them a rundown of what your protocols are for when they arrive. This can be done over the phone or via email when confirming their appointment. After they arrive, be sure to continue to guide them through their appointment with signs and verbal commands. Be sure to also provide information on your safety protocols and what is expected of patients on your website and all of your social media channels as well. 

 Keep it Clean

Your increased protocols probably already include cleaning surfaces more often in the office, but be sure to show patients you really care by providing them with Rollens during their visit. With our single use wrap-a-round lenses, you don’t have to worry about sanitizing protective lenses for your patients during their appointment. The unique design allows the lens to contour around the face and gently hold in place, close to the face to provide significantly more protection from splashes or lights. Patients can then take these lenses with them out the door! Our newest product, the Ecolens, is made of bio-based materials and helps reduce the impact on our Earth!

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