5 Ways You Can Cultivate New Patient Leads

It’s always important to balance your efforts in cultivating patient loyalty and growing your practice with new patients. The new year is a time when many people like to start off fresh. Some patients may be looking to switch providers in the new year and this can be a great opportunity for you to grow your practice. 

Here are 5 ideas for attracting new patients in the new year. 

1 | Mobile Friendly Website

Potential patients are busy and on the go. Much of today’s online traffic comes from mobile devices. This means it is crucial that your practice’s website be mobile friendly, especially if you are driving new leads from your social posts to your website! Many website building platforms have easy options to create a mobile version of your site or you can work with your website developer to create an easy-to-navigate mobile site. 

2 | Make it Easy to Book an Appointment

There are two great ways to make it easy to book an appointment with your practice and you might consider doing both options. The first is to place your practice’s phone number right at the top of your website so people don’t have to go searching for it. The second option is to embed an online form in your site that allows patients to book an appointment on their own. For new patients, you might also include a link to download PDFs of your new patient forms so they can fill them out ahead of time. 

3 | Encourage Online Reviews

Word of mouth is powerful! Encourage your loyal patients to leave a review of your practice on your Facebook page, Yelp, and other review platforms. Make sure that you monitor your reviews and promptly respond appropriately to a negative review. Check out our article on how to best handle a bad online review.

4 | Refer a Friend Program

Having loyal patients refer friends and family is another powerful word of mouth campaign. You’ll need to offer your loyal patients an incentive to refer a friend. For example, for each successful referral (a new patient who books and attends an appointment), give them a discount on a service or product you offer. This not only helps you get new patients, but can continue to build loyalty with current patients, a win-win!

5 | Advertise

Finally, you can’t beat digital advertising! These days, organic posts will only get you so far in part due to the way algorithms on social platforms work. Luckily, digital advertising is much more cost effective than traditional methods. Make sure that you write up great copy and create an eye-catching image or video to go with your copy. Monitor your marketing campaign’s success and adjust when needed. Be sure to check out our article on Facebook advertising best practices to create marketing campaigns that deliver results. 

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