Ideas to Inspire Your Marketing Campaigns for 2022 and Beyond!

The new year is a great time to give your marketing strategy a refresh for your practice! Here are several ideas to help inspire your new marketing campaigns for 2022.


Online Refresh

Before beginning any new marketing campaign, it’s a good idea to go over your website and give it a good refresh. Make sure all your links are still working and that you update any pertinent information. Now is a great time to also add online scheduling and new patient forms to your website if you haven’t done so already.


Ecommerce and Social Shopping

Consumer habits are constantly evolving and people are shopping online now more than ever. Consider adding an online store to your website for convenient lens shopping. Or showcase some of your products on your social channels; don’t forget to tag brands for some great engagement!


Loyalty Perks

Retention is an important part of any good business model. Keep your patients coming back for all their needs by creating a loyalty program. Some ideas include a family checkup deal or discount, a discount for referring a friend, or a yearly program that includes a discount of increasing amounts for each consecutive year they are a patient. 


Create Valuable Videos

Video is the most engaging format online. Some content ideas for videos that your patients might enjoy include:

  • Useful tips, such as how to keep eyeglasses from fogging up
  • Eye health tips
  • Answering FAQs
  • Meet the Team series where they get to know your staff
  • Behind the scenes


Use Rollens!

Rollens is a great way to get a bit of word-of-mouth campaigning in. Let your patients know they can keep their Rollens as an extra pair of sunglasses. Your practice name may be mentioned outside of your office as people ask where they got those glasses, further enhancing your brand with potential patients in the community. 


Our protective lenses are lightweight, easy to use and conveniently adjust to fit facial contours, plus they provide great UV protection! Our lenses are affordable and made right here in America. Consider our environmentally friendly option which is made of 45% plant based materials. To purchase Rollens for your practice, visit our website today


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